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AMP Development – Increase your mobile page speedAMP Development – Increase your mobile page speed

Facing mobile speed issues on Google AdWords? Getting a recommendation like “Fix your mobile page speed” on Google AdWords? Want to increase user-friendly experience and better conversion rate? Get fast-loading mobile-friendly web page (accelerated mobile page) for your Business, ideal for Google AdWords with Aanha Services What is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. […]

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Digital MarketingDigital Marketing

Ever heard of the term Digital Marketing or Online Marketing? But don’t know exactly what it is or it’s benefits. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing in simple terms is a marketing technique that promotes your business Online i.e. on the Internet through various platforms and resources provided by big giants like […]

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Magento installation error – php memory limitMagento installation error – php memory limit

Getting error of PHP Memory Limit 756M (detected: 32M) – SOLVED (Reference, fig 1)  1. Login in to your WHM Panel through your web hosting service provider. Eg GoDaddy.2. Then search for MultiPHP INI Editor in Home>Software>MultiPHP INI Editor or simply search in left search box.3. Then Select the respective PHP version (eg. ea-php 71) […]

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