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SEO is today’s incredible marketing technique to increase the visibility of a website or a webpage in the web search engine’s organic results. Optimizing a website helps improve the quality and quantity of traffic on it. Higher the rank of the webpage, more frequently the site appears on the search engine, more the no. of visitors and more be the customers.

It is important to know that all data being searched on the engine is targeted including text, images, videos, news, etc. If one optimizes all such content and its flow on his website, the same traffic can be targeted towards his website eventually leading to a deeper pool of visitors or potential customers. To sum up, SEO aims to make the information and content on your website to be relevant enough to match the top searches of the field or business line.

On-Page Optimization

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Off-Page Optimization

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a common form of Internet Marketing which involves promoting a website or webpage by increasing its visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This is mostly achieved by advertising or paid media where advertisers place their bids on specific keywords of their choice. It is basically a process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It includes PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) , Google Adwords, etc. SEM calls for specific bidding strategies so as to utilize the search engine results to promote brands and websites. SEM has an immersive effect and helps in targeting the audience that has already shown interest in what you have to offer.

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Social Media is the most powerful platform to market your business or product in the present world. Social Media allows your piece to reach masses with the minimum amount of content and efforts. SMM is basically socializing with people about your business/product to create more awareness about it on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

As social media has become one of the most popular and sensible marketing platforms today, social media marketing or SMM makes the lion’s share of Digital Marketing practices for a business or service. It has also gained more importance as it allows targeted posts or advertisements at a very reasonable cost.


A website is what drives any digital marketing technique towards its destination. Web development involves intricately designed web pages linked in the most suitable map and precisely structured layout where well-written, relevant and non plagiarised content resides under the smooth blankets of graphics, images and other visuals. Designing a website that is suitable for digital marketing takes a good amount of knowledge and experience of the field.

In general, web development ranges from building a simple static page to dynamic and complex web based applications for your business for the internet or even an intranet. It involves the use of basic programming languages to develop, maintain and procreate a website or webpage of choice.

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Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is a relatively new digital marketing technique introduced by Google in 2015. It is an open source initiative that is used to develop fast loading pages for mobile web. Adhering to the fact that most of the eyeballs surfing the internet are through the mobile network, making a website mobile compatible is the first thing one must do. Moreover, in the kind of busy lifestyle we live in, we want the content to appear in front of our eyes as soon as we click on a link. In short, we want the webpages to load fast or we bounce back in case of a slow loading website.

AMP is a simple yet amazing technique through which one can design pages for our website that will load really quickly on any handset, even the images are so optimized that they load in a jiffy! It fashions a website that navigates with accelerated speed and makes the visitor’s journey smooth and break-free.

email marketing

An email serves as the electronic or soft copy of that important information which gets saved in your inbox forever without any cost or wear and tear. Replacing the traditional printed informational letters that people used to receive from different companies, email marketing has made its place in the digital marketing world. It helps share the latest updates and information about the company and/or its products with any potential customer. Launch of new products or services, announcement of a sale or a regular promotion of any product can be shared with masses through email marketing. Email marketing can also be used to maintain a healthy relationship with old customers like sharing wishes for celebrations or to share the achievements and rewards earned by the company.

SMS Marketing

Sending an SMS is the shortest and sweetest way of reminding someone that you exist. The analogy applies to one’s business too. SMS marketing is the shortest, fastest and easiest way of catching an immediate attention of the end user towards the message you want to pass. It is generally used for sharing updates about an upcoming event or activity in the company. Many businesses announce their sale or new launches through a text message while most of them use it for quick updates. SMS marketing is also used to get traffic on a website by adding its link in the text along with an attractive offer. SMS marketing needs to be very smart because as fast as a text message catches the customers eye, faster it loses it if not rightly captivating.

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