Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a technique used to build targeted traffic on your website and convert the users of the search engine into your potential customers by increasing the visibility of your product and/or webpage on the search engine result pages.

Based on the users’ search keywords, the search engine crawls the web and index pages so as to ensure that users can quickly see and access the information, products, services or content they’re looking for.

SEO makes sure that your webpage/website becomes one of those worthy pages that the engine crawls through in no time and this is directly proportional to the quality of the content on your website.


Quality SEO

Is it really easy to compete with the masters of your domain when it comes to SEO?

Well it shouldn’t be a cakewalk and thus the quality of SEO is something one should focus on.

Auditing the page titles, descriptions and URLs of/on your Website

The quality of content, its relevance and diversity

Sitemap/Structure of your website

 The functioning of the website/webpage

 Site usability for the end user


  • “93% of online experiences begin with a search engine?”

  • “67 thousand searches are performed on Google every second”

  • “The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks”

  • “50% of the search queries are four words or longer”

  • “Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads.”

  • “43% of consumers will do online research even while they’re in the store.”

  • “51% of searchers are more likely to purchase from a website that’s been optimized for mobile.”

Why  Aanha Services

We at Aanha services run on a result centric approach and bring to you results in the form of customers by providing the best SEO services for your website.

Our dedicated team puts in their knowledge and efforts to increase the traffic on your website and bring to you a combination of technique, strategy and excellence in work.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly activity reports which helps our customers understand their online customers in a better way. It allows you to know the quality and quantity of traffic on your page.

Quality Content

The website needs to be keyword rich but not overflowing at the same time. We maintain the proportion and consistency of relevant keywords. Bringing diversity in content is our USP.

SEO friendly website

It is important to build your website in a way that it becomes easily crawlable. This includes plagiarism free site with an intriguing interface, quality content, an up-to-date sitemap along with fast and easy user experience