Magento installation error – php memory limit

Getting error of PHP Memory Limit 756M (detected: 32M) – SOLVED (Reference, fig 1) 

1. Login in to your WHM Panel through your web hosting service provider. Eg GoDaddy.
2. Then search for MultiPHP INI Editor in Home>Software>MultiPHP INI Editor or simply search in left search box.
3. Then Select the respective PHP version (eg. ea-php 71) in which you want to install your Software (eg. Magento). (Reference, Fig 2)
4. After selecting the PHP version, you will find a table of Settings with their default allocated memory. Find memory_limit row in that Table.
5. You will see, PHP default limit is set to 32M. Here you can edit the limit to the required limit by your software, e.g. in this case 756M. (Reference, Fig 3)
6. After completing all the steps above, go back to the cPanel Installaron where you were installing Magento (or any other software). You will no longer see this error. SOLVED

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